Colorado Hunter Safety Course


3. Responsibility for Actions

  • Do not turn your head on game violations - report any violation.
  • Work with and cooperate with law enforcement officials.
  • Understand that your actions reflect directly on how others view you as a hunter and the sport of hunting in general.
  • Admit when you have done something wrong.
  • Understand that you can and will be held accountable for your actions.
  • Ensure harvested game animals are properly field dressed so no meat is wasted.
  • Pass up a shot if it is unsafe or if the shot will not produce a clean and swift harvest of the game animal.

4. Respect for Resource.

  • Only take fair shots. Know the distance to your target.
  • No shooting game in hard times (stuck in snow, crossing water, etc.).
  • Humane Shots Only. No shooting game when accompanied by their young. Young animals will starve without parents.
  • Obey local laws. Don't over hunt.