Colorado Hunter Safety Course


Shooting Positions

Prone Position


This is the steadiest of all positions, because it supports both the firearm and the hunter's upper body. The hunter's hips and legs provide a stable platform. This position is very comfortable and should be used to practice the fundamentals of good shooting.


Sitting Position


This is the next-best position for steadiness. With legs crossed at the ankles, the hunter's knees gives support to the arms. But a hunter's legs will start to shake if this position is held for a lengthy period.

Standing Position


In this position, the hunter's arms are not supported, making it difficult to take an accurate shot. With this position, there is an exaggerated movement of the barrel. Some hunters will use a tree, large stone or a "shooting stick" as a prop to help ensure an accurate shot.

Kneeling Position


This is an adaptation of the standing position, in which the hunter uses a rest to steady the firearm. The hunter will experience less barrel movement - a key to accurate shot placement.

Handgun Shooting Position

Handguns are different in the way the firearm is held when firing at game or sighting at a target. Handguns have the same types of sight configurations as a rifle. Since the handgun has a shorter barrel, accuracy is difficult to obtain. Sight in the handgun at 25 yards and then move out to 50 yards. Always use a two-handed hold with a handgun.