Delaware Hunter Safety Education Course


Chapter 1: 

Know Your Rifles and Shotguns

Rifle and Shotgun Parts.


The three mains parts of any rifle or shotgun are the barrel, stock and action. Both riflesHigh-power firearm that fires bullets, and is braced against the hunter's shoulder when fired. and shotgunsFirearm used to fire multiple projectiles (shot) or a single larger projectile (slugs).  Generally much less powerful than rifles, and generally has a smooth bore. feature a long barrelTube-shaped part of a firearm through which ammunition is shot, and each is usually braced against the hunter's shoulder when fired. Each of these types of firearmsTool that uses the force of burning gunpowder to send a projectile toward a target. consists of most or all of the following parts.

1. Stock


Supports the action and the barrel of a firearm and is made out of either wood or synthetic material. The stock may be a single piece or two pieces, depending on the manufacturer.

2. Action


Consists of a series of parts that load, fire and eject a cartridge or shot shellAmmunition used in shotguns. Can be loaded with multiple pellets or a single slug as the projectile. from a firearm. There are many different types of firearm actions, which we will explore later in the chapter. 

3. Barrel 

Barrel & Muzzle

The barrel is the tube-shaped part of a firearm through which ammunition is fired. The inside of the barrel is called the bore. 

4. Sight


An alignment device to help aim a firearm. In the image above the rifle uses an open sight. Other types of sights include shotgun bead, peep or aperture and telescopic.

5. Muzzle 

Barrel & Muzzle


The muzzle is the opening at the end of the barrel. This is where the projectile exits after it has been fired down the barrel.

6. Forestock

Trigger & Trigger Guard

The forestock is the part of the stock in front of the trigger that supports the barrel