Delaware Hunter Safety Education Course


Lever Action

A lever-actionUsed mostly in rifles, push the lever down and away from the hunter to eject the spent cartridge, and pull back up to load a fresh cartridge. Most feature a half-cocked safety. firearm usually has a shorter barrelTube-shaped part of a firearm through which ammunition is shot, is lighter to carry, and is easy to operate for follow-up shots. A popular style of action among rifles, it is a good choice if you are hunting in thick brush (remember to cover the trigger guardProtects the trigger from being accidentally pulled. to protect the triggerLever on a firearm that, when pulled, releases the firing pin to hit the primer.). Most lever-actions have a loading gatePart on a lever action firearm where ammunition is loaded into the magazine. where the cartridges are pushed into a tubular magazineStorage mechanism for cartridges or shot shells. To load a cartridge from the magazine, grasp the lever and swing it down and away from you. Make sure that the barrel is pointed in a safe direction. Next, swing the lever up and towards you. This releases a cartridge from the magazine, chambers the cartridge and closes the action. After you load, engage the safetyA mechanical device that, when engaged, should prevent the firearm from going off. if your lever action has one; otherwise, place the hammer at half-cockSafety mechanism where the hammer rests in the half-cocked position, not resting on the firing pin, and locking the trigger in place. position. After firing the lever action, swing the lever down and away from you to eject the cartridge.

Important! Many older lever-actions do not have a safety to engage before unloading the firearm. Be careful to keep your fingers out of the trigger guard. KNOW YOUR FIREARM.