Florida Hunter Safety Course


Hunting in Florida


Although laws and regulations are used to provide legal guidance for society, they differ from one another in regards to the process of enhancement and in terms of ability to be modified quickly. Laws are essentially long-standing, while regulations are passed as short-term solutions to issues that are ever-changing. The Commission has the ability to quickly change rules relating to hunting and can protect wildlife by limiting seasons, bag limits and methods of harvesting wildlife. Because of this, legal hunting will never cause any species to become endangered. Now that you see why these hunting rules are so important, let's focus on where to find these laws and regulations.

The Florida Hunting Regulations provides answers to most of your hunting questions about Florida's different hunting zones, hunting season dates, bag limits, license and permit requirements, hunter safety requirements, legal and prohibited methods and equipment for taking game, and areas closed to hunting. The regulations also contain a lot of general information about hunting that every responsible hunter needs to read and understand. There is also some great information about different hunting opportunities in the state located in this booklet. It is updated annually and released July 1. All hunters should read the regulations every year before hunting season begins.