Florida Hunter Safety Course




Many land owners who do not allow hunting on their property will do so because of a bad experience with hunters in the past. Land owners might complain that hunters destroyed property, did not obey their wishes, or did not ask for permission before a hunt. These hunters give the sport a bad name.

As a guest on someone's land, you should do everything necessary to leave the land better than you found it. Ask for the landowner's permission to hunt on their land well before the hunting season starts. Be courteous and polite regardless of their answer. Always obey the landowner’s wishes, leave gates and fences as you found them, and offer the landowner a part of the harvest as a thank you.

Furthermore, hunting on private land without permission is not only unethical; it is considered trespassing which is against the law. As a responsible and ethical hunter, it is your responsibility to report trespassers to the proper authorities.

Important! Public lands, although not owned by a single individual, are shared and enjoyed by many hunters. As such, it is important to treat public lands with the same respect due to private lands.