Florida Hunter Safety Course



Wildlife make their homes in backyards, large tracts of wooded land, marshes, swamps and even the desert. There are five requirements to good habitat. If all five requirements are met, the hunter will find many different types of wildlife. They are:



All animals need to eat. If grasses, nuts, berries, seeds, bugs and browse are available, animals will come to eat.


All animals need water to survive. The water could come from a lake, pond, river or small creek. When it is not present, animals will travel far to find it.


Animals, just like people, need cover. This protects them from weather extremes and helps them hide from predators and care for their young. For some, adequate cover could just be a large tuft of grass, a fallen tree, a cave or a brushy area.


All animals need room to roam. Some require larger amounts of space than others.



Animals need the food, water, cover and space arranged in such a way that it is conducive for them to stay in that area.

If all of the habitat needs are met, you should see wildlife. Wildlife biologists work with landowners to create and manage habitat for wildlife.