Florida Hunter Safety Course

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Game Animals



The American or common crows is an all-black bird with a strong bill and feet, that are also black. They are a noisy, gregarious bird that can adapt to living almost anywhere. Federally governed, the hunting season on crows is broken into two phases, but covers most of the calendar year. There is no bag or possession limit on crows.




The coot has a slate-gray body with a white bill and forehead. Aside from waterfowl, the coot is currently the only species requiring the use of non-toxic shot. The season dates for the coot will mirror that of the waterfowl season, and the daily bag limit has stayed at fifteen for many years.


Common Moorhen


Solitary dark gray or brown bird, one foot tall, with white undertail and red shield over conical bill. Prefers marshes and ponds with grassy edges where it eats lizards, frogs or salamanders. Call is whining "pep pep peent peeeeent peent." They nest in rafts over water with up to twelve eggs in one clutch. It does not swim or dive, but walks on the grassy areas.


Source: FWC Hunter Education Program