Florida Hunter Safety Course


Diving Ducks



Two species of scaup commonly winter in Florida, the greater and the lesser scaup. Except for wing marks, greater and lesser scaup appear nearly identical in the field. Greater scaup prefer large open water areas; lesser scaup often use marshes and ponds. Flock movements are rapid, often erratic, and are usually in compact groups.


Hunting waterfowl (ducks, geese and coots) throughout the entire United States requires the use of non-toxic shot. Clues to waterfowl identification are flock patterns, silhouettes, calls and flight sounds, coloration and habitat. If you hunt waterfowl, identification is very important. Seasons and bag limits are set by species, and in some cases, the sex of an individual species. Also, table quality will vary between the species, usually depending upon their diet.

Source: FWC Hunter Education Program