Florida Hunter Safety Course



Furbearers are those animals that are taken and used for their fur. Hunters attempting to take furbearers with guns or dogs for sporting purposes must have a hunting license. A trapping license is required of all persons who sell furbearing animals or use live traps or snares to take furbearers. Steel leg hold traps cannot be used in Florida to take furbearers.



The bobcat has a short stubby tail with a white underside and black tip on top. It is tawny brown with darker brown and black spots. Also, it has small tufts of hair at the tips of its ears. It eats small mammals, rodents, rabbits and birds. They are nocturnal, live in the forest, swamp and pine woodlands. There is a limited hunting season on them. Bobcat can be chased by the use of dogs year round, but you may not possess a gun outside of hunting season.


Source: FWC Hunter Education Program