Florida Hunter Safety Course





The beaver has brown fur, which is waterproof. They have large incisors (front teeth) usually orange in color due to the tanic acid from the bark they eat. Their tail is black, flat and scaly. It lives in ponds and streams in north Florida, and builds watertight dams and lodges.



Striped Skunk

The striped skunk is chiefly nocturnal. It is beneficial as a destroyer of rats and mice. The striped skunk is black with white lines extending back to its bushy tail. It is about the size of a house cat. They eat insects, mice, rats, fruits and berries. They have a well-developed scent gland and can be identified by their pungent odor.


Civet Cat (Spotted Skunk)

Civet Cat

The spotted skunk has irregular white spots and stripes on a thick, black coat. It is much smaller than the striped skunk; otherwise it is similar to the striped skunk just shown. There is no closed season on taking raccoon, opossum, skunk, and beaver. They may be live-trapped, hunted with dogs or taken with snares and guns year around. The use or possession of any steel or leg-hold trap where wildlife might be found is prohibited.


Source: FWC Hunter Education Program