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Venomous Snakes

There are forty species of snakes in Florida; only six are venomous. These are readily recognized by anyone who will take the time to learn a few distinctive field marks. Most of these snakes are pit vipers, so called because of the pit located between the eye and nostril on each side of the head. The elliptical eye pupil and v-shaped head are other identifying features. The venom of these snakes is haemotoxic; it destroys the red blood cells and the walls of the blood vessels of the victim. The best treatment for venomous snakebite is to keep the victim calm, treat for shock and transport them to the hospital as quickly as possible. Florida's venomous snakes include:

Cane Brake Rattlesnake


The canebrake rattlesnake is the southern subspecies of the timber rattlesnake - found throughout the eastern United States. Its range is limited to northern Florida. The canebrake has a rusty stripe down the center of the back, which is crossed with dark brown or black zig-zag bands. It is more slender in build than the average diamondback.


Source: FWC Hunter Education Program