Florida Hunter Safety Course


Endangered Species


Endangered species are in danger of becoming extinct. There are severe fines for any person harming any endangered or threatened species. For further information on endangered and threatened species, students should visit MyFWC.com.

Dangerous Species

Many animals have potential to be dangerous under certain circumstances:


Many wild animals will avoid a fight when confronted by a hunter. However, if the animal is wounded his actions become unpredictable and place the hunter in danger of being attacked.

Animals with Young

Most animals become highly protective of their young and as such cause a danger to anyone who threatens the lair or nest. Many species that would normally seek flight to avoid confrontation will stand and fight to protect their young.

Rabid Animals

Animals that contract Rabies are dangerous and unpredictable. If an animal acts in an unusual fashion, is overly friendly when it should be shy and timid, or vice versa, or if it just plain doesn't look well, has a rough coat, appears unkempt, has a discharge from eyes, nose or mouth, or shows signs of un-coordination, leave it alone and contact the proper authorities.

Safety Precautions

Know your game before hunting it. Never "corner" a wild animal. Never get between an animal and its young. Approach a wounded animal with caution. Make sure your game is dead before attempting any field care.

Source: FWC Hunter Education Program