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The North American Wildlife Conservation Model

Sister #2: Prohibition on Commerce of Dead Wildlife

Conservation laws and their strong enforcement in the United States and Canada saved wildlife from slaughter.

  1. Because we all own wildlife, it is illegal in North America to sell the meat of any wild animal. In some cases the hides, teeth, antlers and horns of game animals and the hides of a select few furbearers may be sold.
  2. However, buying and selling meat, hides, feathers and other wild animal parts was a huge business in the latter half of the 1800s. Excessive hunting severely depleted bison, egrets and elk, and drove other species, such as the passenger pigeon, to extinction. Strong laws written at the turn of the 20th century restricted market hunting and the buying and selling of some wild animals, which allowed many threatened wildlife species to rebound and thrive.

Information on the North American Model - 7 Sisters for Wildlife Conservation - is used by permission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation