Florida Hunter Safety Course


The North American Wildlife Conservation Model

Sister #3: Democratic Rule of Law

You can help make laws to regulate hunting and fishing and conserve wildlife.

  1. Every citizen of the United States and Canadian has the right to help create laws to conserve and manage wild animals and their habitats. Government agencies that manage our natural resources provide citizens with public forums to share ideas and opinions about wildlife and habitat. Citizens can also vote for or against ballot measures that impact wildlife.
  2. Although early 20th-century conservationists wanted to protect wildlife, many still wanted to hunt, fish and enjoy wild places. They established laws that regulated those activities. Today, federal, state and provincial game wardens check hunting licenses and tags to make sure people are hunting in permitted areas and only taking the quarry allowed by law.

Information on the North American Model - 7 Sisters for Wildlife Conservation - is used by permission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation