Florida Hunter Safety Course


The North American Wildlife Conservation Model

Sister #5: Non-Frivolous Use

In North America, we can legally kill certain wild animals under strict guidelines for food and fur, self-defense and property protection.

  1. Laws restrict us from casually killing wildlife. We cannot kill wildlife merely for antlers, horns or feathers or to use only a small portion of the meat. Laws also help ensure that we show respect for and avoid mistreating wildlife and the land, and when hunting, make maximum use of every animal for food and other purposes.
  2. Most hunters make good use of an elk. Besides feasting on the meat, hunters often keep the antlers as a memento of the hunt. Hides also make sturdy buckskin coats, chaps and gloves. Many hunters also enjoy sharing wild meat with family and friends. In this way, hunting's rewards benefit everyone - not just the hunters themselves.

Information on the North American Model - 7 Sisters for Wildlife Conservation - is used by permission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation