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The North American Wildlife Conservation Model

Sister #7: Scientific Management

The right information helps us make good decisions and become better stewards of wildlife.

  1. Scientific research - and applying that research - is essential to managing and sustaining North America's wildlife and habitats. For example, researchers put radio collars on elk to track the animals' movements. They use the data to answer questions such as: Where do elk cows calve? How will bulls react to motor vehicles driving on forest roads?
  2. Throughout human history, we've been fascinated by nature. From Sir Francis Drake to Lewis and Clark, early explorers enthusiastically observed North America's wildlife, carefully recording their behavior and habits. Today, many hunters and anglers are just as interested in observing our natural world - and protecting those resources for future generations.

Information on the North American Model - 7 Sisters for Wildlife Conservation - is used by permission of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation