Florida Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 14 Summary

After reading this Wildlife Identification chapter, you should have a better appreciation for the complexity and diversity of Florida's wildlife. Here are some of the important points from Chapter 14:

  • Protected wildlife cannot be hunted under any circumstances. It is every hunter's responsibility to know which species is considered protected in Florida
  • Remember that some species, such as the black bear, are common and can be hunted in other states, but are protected in Florida. Always check local regulations before a hunt!
  • Game animals can be hunted under certain regulations, such as specific seasons and bag limits. Remember that you cannot tell the age of a deer by their antlers. This can only be accomplished by the wear on their teeth.
  • There are two types of ducks. Puddle ducks live in shallow waters and spring into the air when they take flight. Diving ducks prefer much deeper waters and take flight with a running start on the water.
  • Furbearers are animals that are primarily hunted for their fur. It is illegal to use steel leg hold traps to harvest furbearers in Florida.
  • Unprotected species can be hunted without a permit from the FWC or the US Fish & Wildlife Service.