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Modern Break Action Muzzleloader

This is the modern break action muzzleloader. It works a lot like most other break action firearms and is very popular today. The break action muzzleloader is loaded in the same manner as all other muzzleloaders, but with its break action feature, it allows the shooter to access the breech and insert the primer much easier.

Let’s have a look at the parts of the break action muzzleloader that make it unique and popular:


The breech is where the primer is placed. In most of today’s modern muzzleloaders, the breech can be removed by hand for easy cleaning and removal of your projectile if not used.


The hammer is used to fire the muzzleloader. It strikes the firing pin which then strikes the primer producing a spark to ignite the powder.


The ramrod is used to load (seat) the projectile into the barrel. It is also used as a cleaning rod. 


The safety on most muzzleloaders with an exposed hammer is when it is set to half-cock. Some muzzleloaders may also have a push button safety. 



The stock supports the action and the barrel of a firearm and also helps absorb the recoil. 


Action Release

The action release is usually part of the trigger guard and is used to open the action to give the shooter access to the breech.