Florida Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 6: Know Your Archery Gear

Dating back to the earliest period of civilization, people have been using bows and arrows for harvesting game. And for good reason. It's a very efficient and effective tool. It served the earliest hunters well in taking down even the most ferocious animals - think of a cave bear and you have a good idea of the kind of prey this tool could defeat. While today's hunters generally face less deadly targets, they can count on the timeless reliability of this tool- from longbow to recurve to compound - to get the job done.

Other then this course, Florida does not require any additional certifications to hunt with a bow or crossbow. However, many other states and most foreign countries require advanced bowhunting certification before hunters can purchase an archery license. The Florida bowhunting course meets or exceeds these requirements. A limited number of bowhunting courses are offered throughout the year. If you need advanced bowhunting education, make sure to register for a class well before the season. To find course schedules, go to MyFWC.com/huntersafety and follow the links to "Bowhunting".