Florida Hunter Safety Course


Arrow Points

Let's review the various types of arrow points available.

Bullet points are used for target practice.


Blunt points are used for small game and are made of metal or rubber.


Field points are used for target practice and small game hunting.


Judo points are used mostly in grassy areas for small game.


Fishing points are used for bow fishing and feature barbs to hold the fish to the arrow.


Broadhead points are used for big game and generally have interchangeable blades that can either be in a fixed position or a newer type, which opens only on impact.


Big Game Archery Hunting

Big game archery hunters MUST use broadhead points on their arrows. The sharp and wide blades on the point are made to cut through blood vessels, leading the animal to expire by exsanguination (blood loss) relatively quickly. Some states will even have specific regulations on a minimum number of blades, or the minimum size of the broadhead to use.

Safety first! Always use a broadhead wrench when adding or removing a broadhead point. Careful! The points are very sharp!