Florida Hunter Safety Course


Field Dressing, Continued

It is illegal for persons to bring into the state of Florida, carcasses of any deer, elk, and moose from 14 states and two Canadian provinces where Chronic Wasting Disease has been detected. Visit cwd-info.org for a list of these regions. Hunters can bring back deboned meat from any CWD-affected region, as well as finished taxidermy mounts, hides, skulls, antlers and teeth as long as all soft tissue has been removed.

When transporting a game animal, place it in the back of a truck or on a vehicle rack with a cover over it to protect it from dirt and debris. Do not strap the game animal to the hood of a vehicle. Not only is it offensive to others and disrespectful to the game animal, the heat from the vehicle's engine will spoil the meat.

Diseases in Wild Hogs

Many wild hogs in Florida carry swine brucellosis - a bacterial disease that also is infectious to people. People handling wild hog carcasses or raw hog meat should follow these precautions:

  • Avoid eating, drinking or using tobacco when field-dressing or handling carcasses
  • Use latex or rubber gloves when handling carcasses or raw meat
  • Avoid direct contact with blood, reproductive organs and fecal matter
  • Clean and disinfect knives, cleaning area, clothing and any other exposed surfaces when finished
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water

Wild hog might also carry pseudorabies. Although it is not a risk to people, the virus can be very deadly to dogs that are exposed to it. For more information on swine brucellosis and pseudorabies, go to www.myfwc.com/wildlifedisease.