Florida Hunter Safety Course


Game Care/Field Dressing Kit

Game Care Kit

Hunters should carry a kit containing materials they might need to field dress or care for the harvested game in the field. Here are some items that should be included in a Field Dressing Kit:

  • Any game or harvest tag/seal that is required by law
  • A small hand-held hatchet
  • A small foldable hand saw
  • One or two field dressing knives, and a sharpener
  • Cheesecloth if you intend on keeping some of the internal organs
  • Paper towels or clean, dry rags
  • Latex or rubber gloves
  • Hand cleanser/sanitizer
  • Cooler with Ice (if hunting small game)

Important! If using a cooler with ice to cool small game, make sure the game remains dry inside the cooler.