Idaho Hunter Safety Course


Semi-Automatic Pistol

Semi Automatic Pistol

This handgun features an action similar to that of semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. It also generates less recoil, due to its design. Load the semi-automatic pistol by removing the magazine and pushing cartridges into it until full. Next, insert the magazine into the magazine well, typically located in the pistol grip. Pull back on the slide and release the slide without hindering its motion in any way. The pistol is now loaded. When the trigger is pulled, the round is fired, the action opens, the spent case is extracted and ejected and a new round is chambered. This sequence is repeated for every pull of the trigger. The action remains open automatically when all ammunition stored in the magazine has been used. Many semi-automatic pistols have external safeties to help prevent accidental discharge. Always read and follow manufacturer's instructions.

Unloading and Inspection

To unload a semi-automatic pistol, point the muzzle in a safe direction, and remove the magazine clip. Next, pull back on the slide until the last cartridge ejects and the slide locks into place. Inspect the chamber visually and with your finger to ensure no ammunition is present. Say the word "empty" when you are certain the gun is unloaded.