Idaho Hunter Safety Course


Idaho Transporting Regulations


Always consult local regulations for transporting game. Here are some restrictions on transporting game in Idaho:

Big Game

  • When hunting deer, elk, or bighorn sheep, if the head or antlers are removed, evidence of sex must be left naturally attached on the hide until it reaches its final destination, place of storage, or processing facility.
  • When dressing and transporting black bear or mountain lion, evidence of sex must stay naturally attached to the hide until a mandatory check has been completed by the state.

Upland Game

  • The head or a fully feathered wing must remain naturally attached on the game bird when in possession or when transporting.
  • In wild turkey hunting, the beard or legs must be naturally left on the harvested bird for identification purposes.

IMPORTANT! Transporting regulations change according to the game or hunting season. Always refer to the Idaho hunting laws and rules book prior to heading out on a hunt.