Illinois Hunter Safety Course



With the heavy draw weight of today's bows, most people chose to use some sort of release to protect their fingers and increase accuracy.

1. Mechanical Release

Functions like the trigger on a gun to ensure a decisive, frictionless release of the string for greater accuracy.


2. Shooting Glove

A glove like attachment for the shooter's hand that can support a smooth release of the string while protecting your fingers.


Arm Guards

Arm guards are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. They are used on whichever arm is holding the bow to help keep loose clothing tucked away, and to help prevent "burning" from the friction of the bow string rubbing against the arm when it is released. A proper stance or position by the shooter will also help prevent the released bow string from "burning" the arm holding the bow.

1. Large Surface Arm Guard

Will help keep clothing tucked away.


2. Light Weight Arm Guard

The design allows ventilation when hunting in warm weather.