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Rifle and Shotgun Actions

Since there are many firearm styles available for sale, your choices can be overwhelming. To help you find the right firearm to suit your needs, let's review the most common firearm actions available and how each operates. Take note, however, that you must always read the owner's manual of any firearm you buy for a detailed explanation on how to operate it safely.

Bolt Action

This firearm has a reputation for high accuracy. It is the strongest actionConsists of a series of parts that load, fire and eject a cartridge or shot shell from a firearm.. It is operated by moving the bolt handle up and to the rear to open the action. When the bolt is moved forward, it picks up a fresh cartridge. With the bolt fully forward, push down on it to lock the bolt in place. Engage the safetyA mechanical device that, when engaged, should prevent the firearm from going off. and you are ready to hunt. Grasp the bolt handle after firing, lifting it up while pulling it towards you. This will eject the spent cartridge from the chamberPart of a firearm where ammunition is loaded and ready to be fired..

Safety First! When loading any firearm, always engage the safety and keep the muzzleThe opening in a barrel where ammunition exits after being fired. pointed in a safe direction. To check if your firearm is unloaded, do so only by looking into the chamber.