Iowa Adult Hunter Education Course



Trespass means entering property without express permission of the owner, lessee or person in lawful possession, with the intent to commit a public offense; to use; remove there from, alter, damage, harass, or place anything animate or inanimate, or to hunt, fish, or trap on the property. The term trespass does not mean entering the right-of-way of a public road or highway. Railroad right-of-ways are considered private property.

This paragraph does not prohibit the unarmed pursuit of game or furbearing animals lawfully injured or killed which come to rest on or escape to the property of another.

Retrieval and Waste of Game

While taking or attempting to take game or furbearing animals, you cannot abandon the injured animal without making a reasonable effort to retrieve it from the field. You cannot leave a usable portion of the game or furbearing animal in the field. “Usable portion” in this instance means the following: 1) for game, that part of an animal that is customarily processed for consumption; and 2) for furbearing animals, the fur or hide of the animal.

Selling Game

Except as otherwise provided, you cannot buy or sell, dead or alive, a bird or animal, including fish, or any part of one which is protected. This does not apply to furbearing animals and skins, plumage and antlers of legally taken game. You cannot purchase, sell, barter or offer to purchase, sell or barter migratory game birds; and for millinery or ornamental use, the same applies to the feathers of migratory game birds.

Transporting Firearms

A person, except as permitted by law, shall not have or carry a gun in or on a vehicle on a public highway, unless the gun is taken down or totally contained in a securely fastened case, and its barrels and attached magazines are unloaded. Hand-guns must be transported unloaded in a closed container or securely wrapped package too large to conceal on your person or which is not readily accessible to any person in the vehicle. Muzzleloaders must be cased but will be considered unloaded if the cap is removed from the nipple or the priming charge is removed from the pan.