Iowa Adult Hunter Education Course


Prohibited Hunting Near Buildings

You cannot discharge a firearm or shoot or attempt to shoot any game or furbearing animal within 200 yards of a building inhabited by people or domestic livestock or a feedlot unless the owner or tenant has given consent to do so. Feedlot means a lot, yard or corral where livestock is confined for the purpose of feeding and growth prior to slaughter. Pastures, hayfields or crop fields where animals are allowed to graze are not considered feedlots.

Hunting by Artificial Light

Sights that project a light beam, including laser sights, are not legal for hunting. You cannot cast the rays of a spotlight, headlight or other artificial light on a highway or in a field, woodland or forest for the purpose of spotting, locating, taking or attempting to take or hunt a bird or animal, while having in possession or control, either singly or as one of a group of persons, any firearm, bow or other device capable of killing or taking a bird or animal. This rule does not apply to hunting raccoons or other furbearing animals when they are treed with the aid of dogs.

Shooting Rifle Over Water or Highway

You cannot shoot any rifle on or over any of the public highways or waters of the state or any railroad right-of-way. You cannot discharge a shotgun shooting a slug, pistol or revolver on or over a public roadway.

Additionally, no person shall discharge a rifle, including a muzzleloading rifle or musket, or a handgun from a highway; or discharge a shotgun shooting slugs from a highway north of U.S. 30, while deer hunting.

Roadway means the portion of the highway improved, designed or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, including the shoulder.

Highway means the entire width between the property lines, from fence line to fence line (includes the ditches).