Iowa Adult Hunter Education Course


Hunting Techniques In Iowa

Pheasant Hunting

Ring-Necked Pheasant

The pheasant is a favorite game bird for many hunters. The pheasant hunting season in Iowa usually goes from late October to early January. Check local regulations for annual hunting seasons and bag limits.

Males (or roosters) are brightly colored and have a white ring around the neck. Females (or hens) are light in brown color, with black flecking on the tip of their feathers. Hens are protected under Iowa law, only Roosters may be legally harvested.

Although field dressing is essential to prevent meat spoilage, it is also important to identify Hens from Roosters while transporting the animal. Iowa hunting regulations state that a fully feathered head, wing or a foot must be left attached on the harvested bird while transporting it.

Hunting with a Mobile Radio

Two-Way radios are used by many outdoorsmen and women when in the bush. They are a useful tool as a way of communicating with your companions and coordinating movement in the field. However, Iowa law states that the use of two-way mobile radios is strictly forbidden while hunting, with the exception of hunting coyote outside the shotgun deer season. Consult Iowa hunting regulations for more information on hunting with a mobile radio.

Mobile Radio