Manitoba Hunter Safety Course


Modern Break Action Muzzleloader


Muzzleloader Safety Position

The hammer on a break action muzzleloader acts as the safety and can be put in 3 positions:      

  1. Full Cock - The hammer is fully pulled back and ready to fire, pulling the trigger will release the hammer, firing the muzzleloader.
  2. Half Cock - The hammer is pulled halfway back, this acts as a safety device as the trigger cannot be pulled.
  3. Hammer Closed - The hammer is resting on the action, pulling the trigger will have no effect on the hammer. This is the position the hammer will be in after the muzzleloader has been fired.


Muzzleloader Hammer Position

Most models of break action muzzleloaders include hammers that can be positioned to accommodate left and right handed hunters. This option is also very helpful if a scope is attached to the muzzleloader and extra room is needed between the scope and the hammer.  


Removable Breech Plug

A key feature that makes these modern muzzleloaders unique is that they have a removable breech that can be installed and removed by hand. This is very useful when it comes to cleaning your muzzleloader and if you want to remove the unused powder and projectile that wasn’t shot. Always refer to your muzzleloaders manual on how to properly and safely remove the breech.