Massachusetts Hunter Safety Course


Trapping Equipment

1. Lures, Scents, or Bait

Used to attract or lure animals to the trap.


2. Cotton Balls

Lures and scents are sprayed on cotton balls.


3. Spray Bottle

Used to spray lures or scents on cotton balls.


4. Digging Tool

A three-in-one tool used for hammering stakes into ground. Use the trowel end for digging holes for setting a trap. Use either the digging or pry end for digging into hard material.


5. Whisk Broom

For cleaning and removing debris from around a trap.


6. Three-Pronged Digger

Used for loosening up soil and light-digging duties.


7. Pan Covers

Used to keep dirt and debris from getting under and around a pan on land sets.


8. Dirt Sifter

Used to sift dirt to cover a trap. Dirt covering a trap should be fine and free of rocks.


9. Trapper's Caps

These commercially made covers keep dirt and debris out of the pan area while setting the trap.