Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


The Goals of Hunter Education

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is responsible for wildlife management practices, hunting regulations and hunter education in the state of Minnesota. The goal of the DNR is to conserve, restore and enhance natural resources. In doing so, the DNR ensures that everyone has a chance to enjoy and appreciate wildlife, and that future generations will have the same opportunities as we do today.

The purpose of the program can be summed up into four parts:

R: Responsible hunters who follow both hunting laws and the rules of ethical hunting

I: Involved hunters who do their part by joining wildlife conservation clubs and groups

S: Safe hunters who always obey the rules of firearm and hunting safety

K: Knowledgeable hunters who read up on game and regulations well before a hunt

Important! Responsible hunters have a sense of respect and responsibility to all. This includes themselves, other hunters, non-hunters, landowners, conservation officers, all game laws, all wildlife and the environment.