Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


2. Respect for Others

  • Do not intentionally interfere with another hunter's hunt.
  • Teach others about hunting and share your knowledge of the sport.
  • Do not use foul language or crude behavior.
  • Dress appropriately. Do not wear bloody hunting clothes when out in public.
  • Do not openly display harvested game animals where it might offend a non-hunter.
  • Dispose of the entrails of game animals in a way that is mindful of the general public.
  • Get to know the landowner long before the hunting season starts.
  • Always ask for permission to hunt before the hunting season begins.
  • Obey a landowner's wishes on where to hunt and take care of the land as if it were your own. Leave any gates and fences as you found them, unless directed otherwise by the landowner.
  • Offer the landowner a part of the game harvested.
  • Help the landowner with chores from fixing fences to wood cutting.
  • Unload firearm when you encounter other hunters and non-hunters in the bush.