Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Hunting on Public Land

Private lands are open to hunting, at the discretion of the landowner. Many state and federally-owned lands are also open to regulated hunting. There are many areas across Minnesota, such as national or state forests, Wildlife Management Areas (WMA's) or Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA's) where people can go to hunt. Note that hunting in national parks is prohibited. If you are unsure of whether you are allowed to hunt on a public land, you can contact the Department of Natural Resources for more information. Some public hunting areas might have hunting regulations specific to that area. Always consult local regulations before a hunt!

When hunting on public lands, you should conduct yourself in the same responsible and ethical manner as you would with private lands. Furthermore, you can never be sure of who is sharing the public land. Always be on the lookout for hikers, fisherman, other hunters, people on horseback, etc. and respect their space. Avoid taking shots if there are non-hunters in the area, and ALWAYS be sure to positively identify your target and beyond, before pulling the trigger.