Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 10 Summary

It is very important that hunters conduct themselves in an ethical and responsible manner. Let's review some key points from this chapter:

Minnesota Conservation Officers

  • Conservation officers are in the field every day to make the wilds of Minnesota a safer place. You can help conservation officers by reporting any suspicious activities. Always cooperate fully with law enforcement officials.

  • There are many reasons why hunting laws exist. The primary reasons are protection of others, protection of wildlife, fair chase and fair distribution. Remember that hunting is a privilege, and can be revoked if you violate hunting laws or regulations.


  • Personal ethics is what you use to determine the right thing to do in a given situation. You might encounter some scenarios where the right course of action is not determined by obeying the law. In this case, you must turn to your own code of ethics to decide on the right course of action.


  • Always follow the four R's of hunter ethics: Respect for self, respect for others, responsibility for actions, and respect for resource.

 Hunter's Code 

  • Following the code of the hunter is just as important as following all hunting laws and regulations. Review the code of the hunter and act accordingly.


  • The public is more critical of hunter behavior than of hunting itself. When out in public, the way you dress and act is important. Take into consideration that negative behaviour from a hunter can turn a non-hunter into an anti-hunter.


  • When hunting on private land, the landowner trusts you to behave in a safe, responsible and courteous manner. Always obey the landowner's wishes; leave the land better than you found it.

  Public Land Open to Hunting  

  • There are many public lands open to hunting in Minnesota, however keep in mind that national parks are closed to hunting at all times, without exception. Consult local regulations to find public land that is open for hunting.

 Illegal and Dangerous 

  • After even a single drink, your senses are impaired enough to become incredibly dangerous should you handle a firearm. NEVER consume alcohol or any drug (illegal or legal) before or while you are around firearms. Never, ever handle a firearm if you have been drinking or taking drugs.

 Wildlife Conservation 

  • You can help wildlife conservation efforts by donating your money or time to wildlife conservation organizations that help improve the quality of wildlife and wildlife habitat. Make it a point to become familiar with the various organizations, and pick one or two to help out.