Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Hunting is a Privilege

Religion and free speech are all rights that are guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. These rights are allotted to every U.S. Citizen and cannot be revoked at any time.

Privileges, on the other hand, are offered to every citizen, but must be earned and can be revoked if certain rules are not followed. For instance, every person has the opportunity to drive a car, however they must have a driver's license, which can be revoked if they do not obey traffic laws.

Hunting is not guaranteed by the constitution, and is therefore another example of a privilege. A hunter must possess a valid hunting license in order to take game, and their hunting privileges can be revoked if a hunter violates hunting laws. Keep this in mind while you're out in the field -- violating any hunting laws can lead to fines, or loss of your hunting privileges.