Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


2. Make a Plan

Making a plan is simple. Write down the location where you will be hunting, the names of your hunting partners, contact numbers, what route you will be taking, when you leave and when you expect to return. Leave this plan with a family member or friend and keep a copy in your vehicle. Knowing the weather conditions for the hunt, the terrain of the land and the type of game being hunted are all factors that will help you prepare for the hunt. This preparation occurs long before the firearms are packed into the hunting vehicle.

Once you've made a hunting plan, it's important to hunt that plan! For example, once you are out in the woods, you should not suddenly decide to go into an area that was not indicated in your hunting plan. If you do and something should happen to you, emergency crews will not know where to find you. Similarly, if you should decide to extend the length of your hunt without first telling the person with whom you left the hunting plan, they might panic and send rescue teams out to find you unnecessarily.