Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


3. Be in Good Physical Shape

Hunting on a friend's farm is quite different than heading out to the mountains for a week-long hunt. Physical conditioning is very important. Outdoor experiences can require more physical exertion than a hunter gets in everyday life. Prepare for the hunt long before the season begins. Start by:

  • Hiking similar terrains that you will be hunting in.
  • Wearing your loaded fanny pack or day pack to get use to the weight.
  • Wearing clothes and boots similar to what you wear while hunting.

Every hunter should know their physical limits, and respect those limits while out in the field. A hunter with a medical condition such as allergies, asthma, and heart conditions, should be very cautious, always have prescription medication on-hand, and especially inform all other members of the hunting party about their condition.

A hunter needs sharp senses in the field for tracking game and placing an accurate shot. You should have your eyes and hearing checked before the start of hunting season and get new prescriptions for eyeglasses and/or hearing aids if required. You should also get a complete physical to ensure that you have not developed any medical conditions that could hinder your performance in the field.

SAFETY FIRST! Shooting firearms can cause serious and permanent damage to your hearing! ALWAYS wear proper eye and ear protection when in the proximity of discharging firearms.