Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Hunting is a Wildlife Management Practice, too!

Many non-hunters have the misconception that hunting is a cruel sport that endangers wildlife populations and can lead animals to the brink of extinction. As knowledgeable and ethical hunters, we know that this is simply not the case. People must make the distinction between market hunting and sport hunting. Market hunting is a practice that was outlawed in the late 1800's after it lead to the near extinction of several species. Sport hunting is regulated to do just the opposite.

Hunting and trapping animals does not endanger wildlife populations in the least. In fact, hunting helps improve a habitat by removing overpopulations of animals from that area. These are the animals that would otherwise die due to disease, starvation, or accidents with vehicles. This is known as the "harvestable surplus" of animals. Hunters work with wildlife and conservation biologists to help determine the population densities and carrying capacities each year. Data collected by hunters gives biologists invaluable information on wildlife populations throughout the state.

Hunting also helps endangered and threatened species, by reducing their competitor's populations and allowing them a little more space to flourish. We also help to secure and promote habitat for these species, through the excise tax we pay on firearms and ammunition.

IMPORTANT! No animal has ever become extinct due to regulated sport hunting!