Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Cleaning and Maintenance Tools

Cleaning Jags

Removes fouling and powder residue and can be attached to a cleaning ramrod.

Nipple Wrench and Pick

Used for unscrewing the nipple for inspection and for cleaning the nipple's flash channel.

Patch Puller

Helps retrieve a patch, which sometimes gets stuck in a firearm's barrel.

Bullet Starter

Used for loading a bullet in the muzzle end of a firearm.

Priming Tool

Helps seat the primer on to the nipple of a firearm.

Bullet Puller

If a bullet is accidentally loaded without the powder charge, it can be pulled from the firearm using this device.

CO2 Bullet Discharger

Mounts on the nipple and with one pull of the trigger on this device; the stuck projectile is forced out of the barrel. Make sure the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction when using this tool.