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Storing a Firearm

If you have firearms in your home, protect your family and friends by ensuring that both your firearms and ammunition are legally and safely stored at all times. A gun safe is like a mini version of a bank safe - some are even fireproof. It is the best storage option. Not only does it protect firearms from being stolen, it keeps them out of the hands of careless adults and children alike. It also keeps them safe in the event of a break in; if your firearms fall into the wrong hands, you may be held responsible!

All firearms should be stored in one secure location. Ammunition should be stored separately, but also in a secure location.

Safe Storage Alternative: Gun Locks

There are some instances where a gun safe is not available or practical to safely store firearms. In those situations gun locks are a good alternative. When used properly, gun locks will prevent the gun from firing, either by preventing the trigger from being pulled, preventing the action to close or preventing the firearm from being loaded.


Trigger Locks

A trigger lock is effective on most firearms. It covers the trigger entirely and prevents it from being pulled. Be sure the firearm is unloaded, and the hammer is in the fully-forward position before placing the trigger lock on any firearm.


Cable Locks

A cable lock works particularly well on the lever action firearm. Simply wind the cable through the lever and around the stock. When properly secured, the lever cannot swing down, so the chamber cannot be loaded.

On other action types, such as the semi-automatic, remove the magazine, and insert the cable through the opening of the magazine, and out the open action. This way, the magazine cannot be inserted into the firearm, and the action cannot be fully closed.

SAFETY FIRST! Regardless of how you choose to store your firearms, always ensure they are stored securely, away from the ammunition, and away from careless adults and children alike.