Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Field Carries and Muzzle Control

The terrain and the number of hunters that are with you will determine how you carry your firearm in the field.


Two-Hand Carry

Provides the best control of the firearm. One hand holds the firearm's grip and the other is on the forearm of the firearm. This is sometimes referred to as the ready carry. It gives the hunter the best control of the muzzle, and the firearm can be shouldered quickly.


Shoulder Carry

One hand is holding the butt of the stock, barrel resting on your shoulder and the muzzle is pointed behind you. Only use this type of carry if you are absolutely certain that no one is behind you.


Trail Carry

Use this carry only when no one is in front of you. Grasp the stock with one hand, just in front of the action. Ensure the muzzle is pointed away and in front of you. This positions the muzzle toward the ground but does not offer good control of the firearm. Be careful that the muzzle does not hit the ground - if it does, you have to check the barrel for an obstruction.


Cradle Carry

Placing the firearm across your chest, rest its action in the bend of your arm. Next, grasp the butt of the firearm with your other hand or cover the trigger guard. It's a very comfortable position. If there is another hunter walking beside you, make sure that each muzzle is pointed away in a safe direction.


Sling Carry

This takes advantage of the sling attachments on your firearm. Attach a sling, making sure it fits, and place the rifle over your shoulder while grasping the sling with your hand. This is a great carry when traveling over long distances. Be careful, however, to always keep the muzzle pointed upward. This is especially important if there are other hunters behind you. If you bend over to pick up an object, remember that the muzzle is now pointed in front of you.


Elbow Carry

Place the butt of the firearm in your armpit and let the forearm of the firearm rest on your arm. The muzzle is pointed down and in front of you. This is also a very comfortable position but does not give you very good control of the muzzle. Remember that when you turn right or left, the muzzle will follow you.