Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Fall Arrest Systems Continued


Practise using your FAS/FBH at ground level before using in the field. With another responsible adult stanging by, experience what it feels like to hang suspended in your harness.

Always maintain a short tether between you and the tree with NO slack when sitting. The tether should be fastened to the tree at eye level or above. This will allow you to recover if you experience a fall. Never allow the tether strap to get under your chin or around your neck.


If you have to hang suspended from a FAS/FBH for an extended period of time before help arrives, seek suspension relief immediately by exercising your legs by pushing against the tree or doing any other form of continuous motion. This will help with suspension trauma ( blood pooling in the legs)
Failure to recover in a timely manner could result in serious injury or death. If you do not have the ability to recover or escape, hunt from the ground.

If you experience a fall while using your FAS/FBH, safely return to the ground and remoce it from service immediately.