Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Firearm Action Types

Bolt Action

This firearm has a reputation for high accuracy. It is the strongest action. It is operated by moving the bolt handle up and to the rear to open the action. When the bolt is moved forward, it picks up a fresh cartridge. With the bolt fully forward, push down on it to lock the bolt in place. Engage the safety and you are ready to hunt. Grasp the bolt handle after firing, lifting it up while pulling it towards you. This will eject the spent cartridge from the chamber.

Unloading and Inspection

To unload the bolt action, point the muzzle in a safe direction and remove the magazine then pull the bolt back until the cartridge comes out and push the bolt forward again. Do this until no more cartridges come out of the chamber then leave the action open. Inspect the chamber both with your eyes and with your fingers to ensure there is no cartridge in the chamber. Say the word "empty" when you are convinced the firearm is unloaded.


Bolt Action Animation