Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Watercraft Safety while Waterfowl Hunting

Safely Board a Watercraft

If you are hunting alone, place all of the firearms and equipment in the watercraft before boarding. Also be sure to put on your Personal Flotation Device before boarding. For groups, start by having one hunter board the watercraft while a second holds and steadies the watercraft. Once the first hunter is seated, the other can hand over all firearms and equipment for stowing.


Safely Transport Firearms in the Watercraft

Just like in a vehicle, all firearms transported in any watercraft should be unloaded, actions open, cased and pointed in a safe direction.

Observe and Respect Zones of Fire in Watercraft

When hunting from watercraft, it is crucial that you observe and respect zones of fire. This zone is always in front of the shooter. If there are two hunters and both are hunting, they should be sitting back to back.

If only one member of a group is hunting, that hunter should sit at the front of the watercraft. The others should sit at the rear to control the speed and direction of the watercraft. Consult local laws for regulations regarding the use of a watercraft while hunting.