Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Prove Your Firearm Safe

Treat Every Firearm as if it Were Loaded

This is the cardinal rule of firearm safety. Many firearm incidents occur when a person assumes the firearm they are holding is not loaded. Every single time you pick up a firearm treat it as if it were loaded. Open the action and check to see whether ammunition is present. When you are certain the firearm is safe and ready to hand it to another person, say “empty”.

You can now hand firearm to partner making sure they safely grip with 2 hands.

Release firearm when partner says “I have it, Thank You.” Partner visually & physically inspects firearm to determine unloaded – Say “empty”.

When another hunter hands you a firearm, do not accept it unless the firearm is unloaded and the action is open and visible. Then you prove it to be empty by visually and physically inspecting the firearm.