Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


If You Fall

If you fall, don't panic. Remain calm and implement your practiced rescue, relief and recovery plan. Be prepared ahead of time for such an emergency. If the hunting location is unknown by anyone and communication efforts are unsuccessful, you must have a personal plan for recovery/escape because prolonged suspension in a harness can be fatal. Hunters with varying degrees of physical fitness may require different plans to recover/escape the effects of prolonged suspension.

Have a personal plan and practice it in the presence of a responsible adult before leaving the ground. No one escape/rescue plan will work for every hunter or every circumstance. Only you can determine the best recovery/escape plan for your hunting situation and you must have a recovery/escape plan for your situation before leaving the ground.

While you are waiting to be rescued, you may experience suspension trauma while hanging in your FAS/FBH. This is caused by blood pooling in the legs. To seek suspension relief you can exercise your legs by pushing against the tree or doing any other form of continuous motion.

You should also carry a suspension relief device on your person and it should always be readily accessible while using a harness. The relief device will help maintain circulation in the legs.

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using a suspension relief device.