Minnesota Adult Hunter Safety Course


Climbing Stand

A climbing treestand provides both the means to ascend and descend the tree. It allows the user to remain at a desired elevation.

Before using a climbing stand, connect both the seating and standing platforms together to prevent the platforms from seperating, leaving you stranded. Use the appropriate length rope or other connecting method recommended by the manufacturer and use each safety device provided by the manufacturer.

To compensate for the narrowing of the tree trunk as you go up, attach the seating and standing platforms in a slightly upward direction. As the climbing stand goes up the tree, the platform will begin to level. If the standing platform begins to slope away from the tree, you must return to the ground to make adjustments. Platform leveling adjustments should ONLY be made at ground level. Some special case products are designed and intended to be safely adjusted when above ground, but only when adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

Practise with the treestand at ground level prior to using at elevated positions.