Minnesota Hunter Safety Course


Chapter 1: Hunter Education

Though hunting is a safe and rewarding sport and a part of our heritage, handling hunting equipment such as firearms or bows does pose significant risk. Hunters who act in an irresponsible and/or unsafe manner are a danger to themselves and others around them.

Through hunter education, we obtain the knowledge and skills to be safe, responsible, ethical and involved hunters. Many states have laws stating that hunters must take a hunter education course before they can purchase a hunting license. This has helped reduce the occurrence of hunting incidents across the country.

Goals for This Chapter

You will be required to show the following skills and/or knowledge at your Field Day:

NOTE - the numbers listed below correspond to the program objectives listed on the "Firearms Safety Education Program" print-out, available in your exam center.

  • [1.1.1] Name the state agency that is responsible for sponsoring and managing the hunter education program, administering hunting regulations and managing/protecting wildlife populations in Minnesota
  • [1.1.2] Describe the purpose or mission of the State hunter education program
  • [1.1.3] Explain the two expected outcomes of hunter education
  • [1.1.4] Give at least two possible sources of funding for hunter education programs